Dragon Ball Super Episode 65 Subbed


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  • Luis Flexing

    That’s crazy episode 66 they finally fuse…. can’t wait now

    • sdfsd

      moment we all waited for.
      kinda disapointed they didn’t take the gogeta route though..
      will he ever be canon?

  • dbs lover

    this is tooo short episode why did they just make it

  • NrN

    This whole episode I was screaming FUSE GOD DAMN IT FUSE AND BEAT HIM. FInally next episode looks like they will do that. SSB Vegitio > any god.

  • stevenguo140

    Why can’t they make Goku white and defeat zamasu?

  • stevenguo140

    Who wants Goku white to be on here?!

  • onelag

    His whole world falling apart, yet trunks cant transform into SSJ3, like he did when he was gotenks. Ridiculous

  • onelag

    Zamasu never fused before, yet he knew instantaneously a whole range of new ‘godly’ attacks. Who’s the moron writing this series?

    • L Kawliet

      They are one and the same person . Don’t forget that fact