Dragon Ball Super Episode 79 Subbed

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  • Khizar Shahid

    Daishinkan has a Bad evil smile , i am doubting him -.-

  • NrN

    Like I said last week, Buu is god like powerful; Beerus even fears him. It was nice to see him play. But Gohan? He was at one time the most powerful; but now I rank him slightly above Piccolo….. He got winded fighting Frezia’s henchmen… does he stand a chance? Or will he once again let his rage come out and go SS3 or SSB. At one point he could have taken Frezia by himself…. but he became weak… we shall see but I predict a loss.

    • Tmoney Shot

      I think Gohan will lose bc Buu won and Goku will probably win. That will also give Govan more motivation to get stronger before the real tournament.
      But what do you mean Beerus fears Buu? Buu was absolutely no match for him during the Battle of the Gods and Beerus showed no concern or fear for him.

  • Domineus Dan

    This episode is for all you furry lovers and fans of muscle inflation out there. lulz. ^/^.